Infrastructure Services


Infrastructure Build Services

To address infrastructure challenges, ETS has created a solution specific for Infrastructure builds. With our rich experience in infrastructure, and pioneers in remote management, we have mastered the art of building servers remotely. Any typical build consists of individual components of Compute, Hypervisors, Storage, Network, Database and Middleware or combinations of it. Our solution approach is to take the existing process, transition into our methodolody, then transform to the best in class delivery with automation and tools, in a factory model.

• Proven factory model delivery
• Cycle time reduction
• Time to market
• Enhanced quality of builds
• Demand based capacity model
• Transactional pricing model
• Optimal usage of skills using left shift methodology
• Global delivery/Shared delivery model
• Best of breeds tools to automate build workflows

ETS delivers a wide range of Infrastructure build services, ranging from:
• Compute Physical
• Compute Virtual
• Network
• Storage
• Database Middleware
• Quality checks


PRE BUILD: In pre-build, all the tasks that are required for an engineer to remotely execute the tasks are completed. Some of the tasks are:
• design,
• racking and stacking,
• storage allocation,
• ILO connectivity,
• IP address allocation

BUILD: Once the pre requisites are made available, build tasks start. The tasks flow within the team in a structured way. Task 1, 2 and 3 are handled by engineers who are cross skilled and can finish it in quick time. If there are any issues encountered as part of build, the team coordinates with the engineering team and gets it fixed.

POST BUILD: A lot of the requirements need additional packages to be installed, agents like backup, monitoring, anti-virus to be loaded. These are handled as part of post build. The final quality check scripts are run to check the quality. Once the OS is completed and if DB / MW are to be configured, it is handed over to the DB /MW build team. Once all the tasks are completed, the CMDB is updated, and email is sent to the respective teams. Automation tools like HP SA, Bladelogic are considered based on the environment and if required implemented as part of transformation.