Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)



Connect Drivers to their Digital Lives While Driving Value-Added Revenue

By leveraging in-house technology development throughout the telematics stack and recent acquisitions, CalAmp is delivering advanced connected car services, including mobile applications that connect drivers to their digital lives, as well as provide piece of mind with stolen vehicle recovery services. With CalAmp’s extensive portfolio of telematics devices and lot management application, automotive dealers can more effectively manage their inventory and generate recurring revenue from sell-through connected car services.

In addition, our award-winning insurance telematics solutions capture on-board diagnostic data for better insight into driver behavior, as well as provide instant crash notification and predictive analytics for physical damage and bodily injury to expedite the claims process. The automotive industry is on the cusp of disruption and CalAmp is helping lead the way with transformational technologies that allow consumers to stay connected.


Effectively Manage Fleets, Empower Mobile Workforces and Secure Valuable Equipment

Whether managing a fleet of vehicles or tracking assets – commercial and industrial companies that rely on high-value service vehicles and moveable equipment to run their businesses are faced with the challenges of increasing performance and safety, improving uptime and effectively managing assets in the field. CalAmp delivers a diverse range of devices and industry leading applications that provide critical data, diagnostics and tracking information to facilitate efficient global management of commercial fleets and mobile assets.

First responders, such as police officers, firefighters and emergency medical services personnel, rely on voice, video and data communications for dispatch systems, patient information and access to critical law enforcement databases. CalAmp products and solutions ensure that emergency resources are deployed with minimum response time and frequent reporting to enhance the level and accuracy of data to and from field personnel, providing situational awareness at all times.


Optimize Distribution, Balance Demand, and Streamline Operations

The landscape for players in high-stakes industries such as utilities, power generation, water, surveillance and consumer goods has dramatically changed due to grid modernization, alternative energy advancements, battery storage and supply chain technologies. Forward-thinking companies are only beginning to imagine the possibilities they can achieve by taking advantage of devices and systems that can communicate and act in real-time to streamline business processes, improve safety and reduce operational costs.

With over three decades of experience in machine to machine communications, industry leaders are turning to CalAmp to provide secure, reliable and scalable communications systems that monitor, analyze and instantly act on information from connected machines and infrastructure to provide intelligent insights for mission-critical business decisions. CalAmp delivers the enabling technology that makes the promise of smarter infrastructure, greater efficiencies and life-saving real-time information a reality.