IT Ops and Management


IT Ops and Management

IT operations management tools allow you to streamline, simplify and save

  • IT Ops and Mgmt Overview
  • Data Migration Software
  • Enterprise Application Integration and Orchestration Tools
  • Event and Ticket Integrations

Businesses count on IT teams to deliver high quality services using key applications and technologies. This includes spending time and resources to:

  • Manage hardware availability
  • Change or configure process or resource allocation
  • Monetize applications
  • Allocate compute and storage space, and know how much space you’ll really need
  • Acquire necessary tools and processes, and understand how to use them and when

Continuing to deploy multiple management tools with limited user interfaces, workflows and with no ability to automate actions across these management products creates complexity.

When disparate systems lengthen your IT process, you may think your only options are tedious workarounds or to perform a rip-and-replace of your environment. Think again!


Leverage existing assets and IT operations management tools for a pragmatic, vendor-agnostic solution ​

IT operations management tools bring automation and orchestration to existing infrastructures, reduce manual processe​s and lower costs while laying the foundation for data center transformation. Using these tools helps close process gaps and inefficiencies, and saves time and money.

Maximize the benefit and value you get from your technology investments with complete IT operations management services from ETS.​