Manufacturing & Distribution


Manufacturing & Distribution

Reliable computing for any facility

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that technology needs are similar across all types of businesses. And while almost all companies need to use email, word processing, and financial software in a networked environment, ETS understands that manufacturing companies have additional requirements to keep their plants operational 24/7 in potentially harsh environments.

We also understand that your manufacturing company might have multiple locations that need to be seamlessly integrated.

Our Manufacturing and Distribution solutions include support for:

  • Materials Requirements Planning MRP
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

If you’re in the market for a friendly, professional and competent IT services company to support your distribution, then you’ve found what you’re looking for in ETS.

Whether you manage one warehouse or run a large company with tens of thousands of distribution points, ETS provides the right IT solutions you need to operate efficiently and profitably. ETS understands that you need to be able to adjust your distribution channels, keep track of intermediaries, while keeping the costs down.

Having profound experience with a variety of distribution management tools and general IT solutions, we know how to help you manage your channels successfully – with low expenses, flexibility and security.

Here’s how we can help your distribution effort:

  • Virtually eliminate downtime with proactive network monitoring
  • Preserve and protect your business records and other critical data
  • Introduce the latest software to your company, enabling you to easily manage your distribution channels, measure the efficiency of your intermediaries, special deals, higher/lower margins, incentives, etc.
  • Make certain the marketing and distribution software packages you need work together